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Fic: Zero's Happiness

Title: Zero's Happiness-Chapter Four
Fandom: Code Geass
Author: onemacabredream
Pairings: Suzaku/OFC Gino/Kallen
Rating: T (may or may not change to M later on)
Word Count: 2, 224
Status: In-Progress

Summary: The war is over and a new Zero has emerged, at the same time a forgotten princess by the name of Lisbeth ru Britannia enrolls in Ashford Academy, Kallen knows something is up, and it doesn't take long for her to find out what. Suzaku/OFC Gino/Kallen

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The Rev

Batch 16 - 50 icons + 13 banners

I know I haven't posted in ages and ages, I'm not going to bore people with the details, but I'm going to be posting a lot more now that school's ending. The banners are just me experimenting, and some of them I made a while ago for personal use.

|001-010| Audrey Kitching
|011-016| Alex Evans
|017-024| Kuroshitsuji
|025-029| Harry Potter may be some spoilers for DH
|030-036| Emma Watson
|037-040| Daniel Radcliffe
|041-050| Stock

01 Alexis Bledel
02 Alex Evans
02 Emma Watson
03 Avenged Sevenfold
01 Hanna Beth
04 Jensen Ackles

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The Rev

Batch 15-60 Icons

I'm very proud of this batch, especially the a7x ones, I think I'll be doing a tutorial on working with images from live performances. Let me know if you're interested so I can finish it before school starts.

|001-016| Alice in Wonderland trailer
|017-032| Mosh
|033-036| Rupert Grint
[037-060| Avenged Sevenfold

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